Springbrook Archery Center

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None currently available

Here at the Springbrook Archery Center we offer classes as well! Focusing to the Homeschool and School age students (6+) and welcoming to the Parents too. 

Classes run over a period of seven weeks, costing $105 for a youth class and $140 for adults. Membership to the Archery Center offers a discounted class rate. They fill up quickly so stay tuned as to when we have class openings for registration. 

Class registration can be done by clicking the link of the desired lesson on the right to fill out the Registration, waiver and to arrange payment. Registration will be confirmed by email when payment is received. 

The next registration will begin two weeks before every round of lessons, and priority is given to current students and range members. The form will not be accepting responses before this time, or up to two weeks after lessons begin. If the form will not take a response during open times then it is because the class is full. 

For EMT Payments please ensure you give a note of the students names it is covering, and what class they have joined.

Classes run from:

September to October 

November to December

January to February

March to April

May to June

Upcoming Dates:

Thursdays Nov 3 - Dec 15

Fridays Nov 4 - Dec 16

Saturdays Nov 5 - Dec 17

Christmas Break Dec 18 - Jan 9

Thursdays Jan 12 - Feb 23

Fridays Jan 13 - Feb 24

Saturdays Jan 14 - Feb 25

Week off Feb 26 - Mar 6 

Thursdays Mar 9 - Apr 27

Fridays May 10 - Apr 28

Saturdays May 11 - Apr 29

Easter Break Apr 2 - 10 

Week Off Apr - 30 - May 8

Thursdays May 11 - June 22

Fridays May 12 - June 23

Saturdays May 13 - June 24

Times for Classes are:


Eleven to Noon

Six Thirty to Seven Thirty

Seven Thirty to Eight Thirty


Six Thirty to Seven Thirty

Seven Thirty to Eight Thirty


Ten to Eleven AM

Eleven AM to Noon

Class Registrations:

March/April is OPEN for Registration

Confirmation emails will be sent out within a week of your registration. 

Thursday 11am

Thursday 6:30pm

Thursday 7:30pm 

Friday 6:30pm

Friday 7:30pm

Saturday 10am

Saturday 11am