Springbrook Archery Center

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Membership Benefits

Membership brings with it many benefits when shooting with Springbrook Archery Center. The benefits you will receive are:

         - Range time access anytime outside of classes and events.

         - $5 off your hourly range fees 

         - Half off classes to register (Not events)

         - Affiliation to Alberta Bowhunters Association

Membership is a great way to join the Springbrook Archers family! To join you can go to the office at the center or fill out the Membership Application Form on the right, along with a copy of the Archery Club Waiver. These can then be emailed to us at springbrookarchers@outlook.com

Costs for Membership Annually are:

          - $125 for Youth

          - $175 for Adults

          - $325 for a Family

User dues for lane usage $5 and punchcards are available for $45

Additional ATAA/AC membership is available. 

          - $38 additional to ABA for Youth

          - $17 if replacing ABA for Youth

          - $43 additional to ABA for Adults

          - $17 if replacing ABA for Adults

          - $112 additional to ABA for Families

          - $52 if replacing ABA for Families

Payments can be made by EMT to springbrookarchers@outlook.com (please leave a message with Name and for Membership) or a Cheque may be written to Springbrook Archery Club, cash is also an option at the center directly.